The Addiction

Hi my name is Nikki, and I have been off of peanut butter for 32 days now. Unwillingly. You know, for the first month you don’t even realize that you are missing it. Sure an occasional “oh peanut butter would go really well with this” occurs, but it is more a drifting thought than an aching need. On day 30, I was traveling around the South Bank, looking for a good fruit smoothie. When I got there, I was looking through their menu and I thought something was missing. And then it hit me. Peanut butter was nowhere to be seen. They had berry smoothies, green smoothies, even a banana and honey smoothie, but no “peanut butter protein power” one, or “peanut buttana jive”. Naively, I asked the workers if they had it as an additive. While they looked apologetic as they stated “no sorry”, they clearly didn’t understand the gravity of their answer. I realized at that moment I had never gone this long without the delicious oh so manufactured jarred good, and the count begun.

If any of you readers happen to be popping to England in the next couple of weeks, please bring peanut butter. You will be greatly rewarded.