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when faces called flowers float out of the ground

I’m not going to lie, earlier this week/the end of last week, I hit a bit of a wall with this project. It was rough- I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, like I wasn’t good enough at post-tonal music theory to understand the music I was working with, and, most frequently, like all the… Read more »

Feed the World

How is this possible, I thought to myself, looking out across lush papaya fields growing from what appeared to be an expansive desert. We were in Nueva Esperanza, a poverty stricken desert town along the coast of Northern Peru, visiting a family that participates in Feed the World’s programming. Feed the World’s mission is to… Read more »

Our Journey to Ithaka…

When our roommate Andrea asked us if we wanted to go to a “Chocolate and Dance Party” at “Ithaka”, we had no idea what to expect. Alas, we took her up on the offer and decided to attend the event with her. As it turned out, Ithaka is another co-op in Palo Alto that houses… Read more »

Swords+Horses= Unicorns?

Ok, so in the past three days I have seen Warhorse, Julius Caesar (AT THE GLOBE!) and went to do interviews at the Unicorn Theatre (the UK’s National Theatre for young people). Swords: The Globe is an amazing venue for theatre. Being a groundling, you really feel a part of the hustle and bustle of… Read more »

Playing the Politics Game with Punjabis

Brampton East is a liberal area. Their biggest issues include immigration policy, the staggering price of car insurance, restrictions placed on basements, and the fact that the 9th largest city in Canada doesn’t have its own university. The surrounding cities, for example, — Malton, Mississauga, etc. — have laws allowing homeowners to rent out their… Read more »

Thus is fate

I decided to spend some time in Stratford Upon Avon (while in England, do as Shakespeare does!), and so I spent two nights there. Shakespeare really is in there air there, and fate, one of his favorite topics in writing, played a huge part in my stay. I still hadn’t figured out where I was… Read more »

Snapshots of Machu Picchu!

This weekend I was able to visit Machu Picchu! I’ve been wanting to visit since I first learned about it in high school, and it was a dream come true. Machu Picchu is as awe inspiring and fascinating as everyone says it is. Here are a few pictures that I took of the day!

where always it’s Spring

My brilliant plan of naming all these blog posts after the poems that I’m working with is significantly less simple than I had anticipated. Thanks, e.e. cummings, for your ungrammar and perpetual use of enjambment. Anyway. This week has been quite productive in terms of song analysis! It started off slowly, but now I think… Read more »

The Tragedy I Never Knew

The remnants of Yungay, as viewed from the cemetery hill overlooking the city. Huascaran, the tallest mountain in Peru, looms in the background. The silence was defeaning. As I walked under the enormous arches declaring, “El Campo Sagrado | The Sacred Ground,” the vast emptiness of the land in front of me was striking. The tallest… Read more »

Back to Work

It has been 8 days since I was discharged from the hospital and I’m feeling almost 100% recovered and back to normal. I can walk plenty without feeling pain but I still cannot exercise or lift heavy objects. I get a bandage changed for the wound over my stomach every two days and this Saturday… Read more »