Monthly Archives: July 2014

We Code Because…

Wait,  we don’t code. How did we end up at this IBM Mixer? Glen Tona (pictured below) is one of our roommates at the Rainbow Mansion, and he works for “BlueMix Garage”, which is an IBM powered company dedicated to help startups develop by connecting different people with various areas of expertise. It is an… Read more »

Big Roadbump: Hospital

Tuesday July 8th A little past 11 P.M. on Saturday July 5th, my abdominal pain suddenly worsened until it was unbearable. I could not move without experiencing incredibly sharp, heavy pain in my lower abdomen. I had the emergency doctor come to my house and evaluate me, which took about 30 minutes, because of my… Read more »

Co-op Living!

We have been living in a co-op in Silicon Valley for roughly a week. In fact, a number of homes and vacant spaces in the Bay Area are beginning to be occupied by large groups of people, creating a new type of “commune” in the Digital Age. The Rainbow Mansion, where we currently live, is… Read more »

Explorations in Peru

My next research site is in Cusco. Cusco is an easy hour long flight east of Lima, but I decided to try something a little more adventurous. I signed up for a four day long bus ride from Lima to Cusco that included many stops on the way. I thought it would be a good… Read more »

Symbols of Sikhi

I confess that I am not the first person to approach the topic of Punjabi YouTubers. The Globe and Mail published a story on JusReign, Superwoman, and AKakaAMAZING more than two years ago, asking them why comedy and why the Punjabi community in GTA is so open to it. The word “Sikh” is not mentioned… Read more »

Weeks 3 and 4: Results!

My experiment is producing results! I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, so that’s all I’m going to say about the results. They exist. They’re there. We have done the study with some toddlers, and there are results now. Sorry if you were expecting something more conclusive. 🙁 Here’s a fun video of… Read more »

Tea at Browns

Today I went to tea at Browns both to read some good TYA plays (by David Wood, whom I had lunch with on Wednesday!) and was treated ever so sweetly there. It is like they knew I was in a foreign country alone… actually they most likely figured that. I was alone having tea with… Read more »

Creative, or gross!

First night problems: Because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I settled into my room (and took about an hour-and-a-half trying to set up my Ethernet cord, which finally worked). I then headed out to the local supermarket, where I bought some yogurt. (Side story — I asked for a spoon and the man at the… Read more »

A rain of excitement

I eagerly stepped off the plane to a bus which drove us out of the rain into the airport. As I made my way out of customs to luggage pick-up, I passed crowds of people eagerly awaiting loved ones with signs like “Welcome home, Jenny” or “We love you,  Sam!” A wonderful way of greeting… Read more »