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About four days have past since I arrived in Dakar and I feel like I’ve been here for weeks. Since I essentially arrived on a Friday morning, I was able to enjoy the weekend activities that occured throughout the city. On my first night, I joined my roommate on a night out at a jazz… Read more »


I arrived safe and sound in Dakar last night after 30 hours of traveling. This ordeal included a 2.5 hour delay from a Chicago storm, a rescheduled flight in Europe, layovers through Belgium and Portugal, and a lost luggage. It is unfortunate that I do not have my main luggage but apparently, this happens all… Read more »


Friends, family and colleagues, I am not really a blog person but I decided to do one this summer because I will be traveling to Africa on my own for the next two months (June 18 – August 14). This is my first time in Africa and my first time traveling on my own. Although… Read more »

I find this highly disconcerting.

My broadcast of choice for this World Cup has been Univision. I’ve been hooked on its aggressively rolled r’s in Neymar and exaggerated pronunciation of Schweinsteiger, and I’m afraid Canada has presented me with its first cultural hurdle. It saddens to me that for the rest of the cup, I will be the missing the… Read more »

The Pendulum Effect

The beginning may not always be the hardest part but, perhaps because it’s the beginning, it pretty much feels that way. Such was the case with the start of my research — talk about a series of dead ends. Unexpected facility closings, crashed internet, essential materials on loan indefinitely, and, to top it all off,… Read more »

Introduction ji

I am in Toronto this summer to explore the community of Punjabi-Sikh YouTube comedians in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), focusing on JusReign, AKakaAMAZING, and Lilly Singh: Superwoman. These three have become household names among the Punjabi community in South Ontario for their hilarious and remarkably relatable videos that spoof brown culture in North America…. Read more »


As I got on a plane leaving for Finland – it really hit me just how long  I will be out of the country. While I will be traveling through the UK and Finland exploring the amazing children’s theater there for two months, I go directly to Italy after for a semester abroad. Do you… Read more »

A hope for the future

I can’t believe that my time in Guatemala is already over. The past two weeks have been full of incredible people, amazing experiences, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Before I move on to posting about Peru, I want to share a little bit more about the impressive organizations that I… Read more »