Monthly Archives: August 2014

A New Way Forward

Though they lie thousands of miles apart, the countries of Guatemala and Peru continue to fight against the same seemingly unconquerable struggle: childhood malnutrition. In both countries, nationwide data masks the severity of the problem. In Guatemala, childhood stunting affects around 50% of children under five, yet the prevalence soars to 70-80% in many indigenous… Read more »

A quick stop in Europe!

So sorry for the delay! The WordPress blogging platform has been exceptionally slow // impossible to load recently. I am now on a flight from Brussels to Kigali, Rwanda to begin the next continent of my project! I will be spending about two weeks in Rwanda, followed by a week and a half in Uganda…. Read more »

Humble the Poet

Humble the Poet is a Toronto-based hip-hop artist, writer, creative, and elementary school teacher. His mission is to normalize the image of the beard and turban through his output, rapping and writing about life in Toronto, his worldview, and philosophy of Sikhism. He recently released a book titled UnLearn, which is a series of reflections… Read more »