Monthly Archives: February 2015

Becoming a Foodie

I’ve been putting the food tricks to the test. For the past week the food I’ve been eating has been pretty different from what I normally eat, and surprisingly I’ve noticed some changes. Debby Stern’s main tips were to cut down on sugar, bump up the protein, and knock out cheese and red meat. I’ve… Read more »

Another Interview!

Time for me to tell you all about my second interview! I ended up interviewing a personal trainer that is very close to every member of my family and has worked with each of us. Eddie Conley, football coach and performance specialist, was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss his job and how… Read more »

Nap Time with Clementine

As much as I love playing with rambunctious Clementine, my favorite time with her is when she is sleeping. Her body becomes like a soggy noodle, and she snores softly. Sometimes, she starts dreaming and she lets out little yelps and her feet start twitching.               She lays in… Read more »

First Interview!

I had my first formal interview for my project! So far I’ve been researching and preparing to ask some questions to different experts that all have jobs that are proven to relate to happiness in some way. To kick off my interviews I met with Debby Stern, a physical trainer and nutritionist coach. We talked… Read more »

Power of Gratitude

I feel like it’s hard to be happy without feeling grateful. From personal experience, I find myself happiest when I am acknowledging the positive things in my life and recognizing the good instead of just focusing on the bad. This, unfortunately, is a cycle I tend to fall into. When one bad thing happens, I… Read more »

The Puppy has Arrived!

This saturday was the start of my journey as a foster parent (of puppies). I went to Martha’s house to pick up some supplies and I was on my way to pick up the puppy. I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t shown a picture before hand and I didn’t know the name…. Read more »

An Intro to Kirchnerismo

We’ve held a bunch of meetings over the last few weeks and it’s been difficult to keep up with posting the recaps. One of particular interest was our conversation with Paula Biglieri, a professor of Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. We met Paula through out faculty advisor, Professor Dilip Gaonkar, who had… Read more »

Let the Fostering Begin!

The time has finally come! I am going to start fostering a puppy this week and I am beyond excited! I wanted to give a little background on where the puppy is coming from and how I found out about the organization. My mother and I have always wanted to foster a puppy/dog but it… Read more »