Power of Gratitude

I feel like it’s hard to be happy without feeling grateful. From personal experience, I find myself happiest when I am acknowledging the positive things in my life and recognizing the good instead of just focusing on the bad. This, unfortunately, is a cycle I tend to fall into. When one bad thing happens, I tend to look for more bad things instead of just moving forward.

I remember one day I hit every red light on my way home from school and I let this completely take over my mood and mindset. When I then couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat at home, my mood darkened and a fight with my mom erupted about some stupid little thing. It’s crazy that one little thing, like a stop light, has the potential to alter my mood so drastically.

So, being grateful for even the smallest of things has the power to impact your entire day, mood, or mindset.

Last week before I went to bed I thought about all of the good things that happened to me that day and remembered and focused on these happy moments instead of sulking about the not so good moments. I actually think that this made an impact on my mood for that week. I had a really good week when I was doing this grateful checklist in my head. I felt more positive and was in a better mood each day.

Here’s a more general list of the things that I’m grateful for. I encourage everyone to try thinking about what they are grateful for and making a mental note of how doing this affects you.

What I’m Grateful For:

  1. 1. My loving parents
  2. 2. Having a car to drive whenever I need
  3. 3. Beautiful snowy/sunny/crisp days
  4. 4. Having a home during this cold winter
  5. 5. Technology to communicate with my brothers while they are at college
  6. 6. My health
  7. 7. My access to education
  8. 8. Living in Evanston
  9. 9. My senses & being able to experience the world fully
  10. 10. Unexpected  compliments/acts of kindness
  11. 11. The little things (people holding the door open for me when I’m 10 feet away)