Nap Time with Clementine

As much as I love playing with rambunctious Clementine, my favorite time with her is when she is sleeping. Her body becomes like a soggy noodle, and she snores softly. Sometimes, she starts dreaming and she lets out little yelps and her feet start twitching.

IMG_3697             IMG_3689

She lays in the most hilarious positions even when they seem really uncomfortable. I can lay with her while I do my homework and she sprawls across my stomach or nooks herself into a crevice. One of her other favorite napping places is near the heat vents in my house especially in my kitchen.



The family that will adopt her is going to be extremely lucky. She is such a sweet job that will soak up as much love as she can get. Whatever love you give her, she will give in return and she deserves a perfect home.