Clementine Found a Home

With a sad smile and a tear in my eye, I am here to report that Clementine found her forever home. During the week, my sponsor from Wagging Hearts contacted me to tell me that a family wanted to meet her on Sunday. I was excited for Clementine but also apprehensive because I was nervous that the family wasn’t going to be good enough for her.

When Sunday finally came, I loaded her up in the car and headed to Martha’s house. I got there to see a lovely looking young couple. When they saw her immediate “aww” and gasps came from their mouths. They kneeled down to pet her and she ran over to them. I didn’t really know what to do so I just let Clementine do what she wanted. I told them about her crating schedule and what she eats and how she is doing in her potty training. I even showed them how great she is at sitting when asked. They seemed to really like her so they brought out their 8 year old yellow lab to meet her. Of course, she did great because she is used to being around my old dog, Harley. They then took the two dogs for a walk by themselves and they came back and decided they wanted to keep her.

The emotions started to kick in but I kept my composure. This is my first time fostering a puppy and oI spent an entire month loving and taking care of her so naturally I developed a connection. The thing that comforted me was the fact that they were good people and they had had a dog before so they knew what they were getting into. They have a big fenced in yard so she will be able to play and she will have to other dog as a companion. As they were signing the papers, I took her in the other room to hold her and say goodbye. I gave her some kisses and hugged her tight, I knew it was time for me to go. I came back in and said to the couple, “Good luck, she’s going to be an amazing dog” and I left. The tears started flowing immediately but I knew this was a good thing for her. I will never forget her and the great experience I had fostering her. I learned so much and she gave me so much love and happiness to see her grow.

Beginning and End.

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