Clementine Update

Clementine has grown with leaps and bounds. Every day it seems like her legs have grown an inch. She used to be able to fit under our armoire and now she can’t even make it under. Her charming¬†personality and adorable tactics have stolen the hearts of my family and I am sure will do the same to the lucky family that adopts her.

On Tuesday, I brought her to the house where her two siblings were being fostered because someone was coming to adopt one of the. I was nervous because it was like going to an audition. I figured she would be chosen because of how cute and lovable she was, but it was a little more to it than that considering she had competition. She was at a disadvantage because the other puppies were used to the environment whereas Clementine was more interested in explore her surroundings. The other puppies were playing and paying attention to the guy there that wanted to adopt. He ended up picking one of Clementine’s sisters which is really great, but I was bummed at the same time.

It was a very polar emotional experience for me because on one hand, I really wanted her to get adopted so she could have a forever loving home, but on the other I’ve become really attached to her and wanted her to stay with me longer. I think it is safe to say everything happens for a reason and she will find her family at the right time.