Monthly Archives: April 2015

Start of a Meditation Practice

After interviewing meditation teacher and enthusiast, Ellen Rosen-Kaplan, I’ve been excited but slightly apprehensive to try it for myself. Ellen has such a powerful connection to meditation and I wanted to have a positive experience too. I think my fear of not doing it right or not enjoying it swayed me from wanting to test… Read more »

Interview with Meditation Teacher!

I had the chance to interview life-long family friend and meditation teacher, Ellen Rosen-Kaplan. She is beyond amazing, loving, and smart. We sat down and had a lengthy chat about her experience with meditation, how she teaches it, and how she thinks it connects to happiness. I truly think that I was experiencing ‘flow’ during… Read more »

Helping Others & Helping Yourself

We’ve all been taught since we were little to do nice things for others, like giving up our seat on the bus for an elderly person, or even holding the door open for those behind us. While we may have been annoyed at our mothers telling us to do these things, our moms were actually… Read more »

Future Yogi?

Before even starting my project, I went to some yoga classes and really enjoyed them. I felt extremely peaceful and rejuvenated after leaving the classes, so I wanted to incorporate it into my project somehow. I’ve been trying out yoga at Lighthouse Yoga Studio sporadically since my interview with yoga teacher, Thomas Zwergal. I’ve gone… Read more »

Interview with Yoga Instructor!

Next up I’ve got an interview with yoga instructor and Lighthouse Yoga & Acupuncture studio owner, Thomas Zwergal. We had a super long interview and I got some good answers from him about the relationship between yoga and happiness. His answers were unlike the answers I’ve gotten from my other experts so that was exciting… Read more »

Getting Artsy

After interviewing art therapist, Elana Kaiser, she invited me to come to her studio and do some art with her. I’ve never been a super artistic or artistically talented person, but after taking ceramics, art, and art therapy at school, I’ve developed an interest in art. I was super excited to get the invitation and… Read more »

Art Therapist Interview!

I’ve got a new interview for you! I met with art therapist, Elana Kaiser, to learn about art therapy in general and also how it connects to happiness. She didn’t have a ton of time to talk so she just dove in and gave me a great explanation of art therapy and what she tries… Read more »

Introductions and Preparation

Hi! I’ll be tracking my progress on this blog as I set out to travel the world and investigate sexual assault at different universities around the world. Currently, I’m sending – on average – a thousand emails a week to universities and professors around the world to finalize my research contacts. I’m balancing different time… Read more »