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6.24 – Burnham Nature Sanctuary (Chicago Park District)

This is my favorite site so far – absolutely gorgeous, lots of beautiful flowering plants, even though this site is right in Hyde Park! Burnham Nature Sanctuary The white flowers are Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue), a hardy native which I’ve written about previously. The purple blooms are the beautiful Tradescantia bracteata (Spiderwort). We found young Tradescantia too, which look like… Read more »

The beginning of the end…

Today marks the beginning of the end of germination for the prairie restoration plants I will be working with this summer. Among the four species I am working with two are sufficiently planted and two have been partially planted in the hopes that other seeds with germinate. These are the seeds in agar petri dishes… Read more »

6.22- 6.23 – 41st St Bioretention (Chicago Park District)

First soil sampling site! Soil corer and cooler containing sampling bags (plus our plant ID books) A beautiful site (although we got rained out the first day of sampling.) Right between the beach and Lake Shore Drive, so I suppose only a beautiful view on one side, but still! 41st St Bioretention, Chicago Park District… Read more »

Callaloo Country

After one week of interviews and 40+ hours of transcribing, I am nearer to answering my questions.  And the answer may well be that there is no one answer. History is selective. Ask any Native. And narratives are also selective in what they reveal, but the people I have spoken to in and out of… Read more »

Newcomer’s Nerves

As with anything, approaching something new is always difficult; whether you welcome the difficulty is a different matter. I, for one, was anxious for essentially an entire quarter about starting science research. So anxious in fact that I came in a few days before I was supposed to start to fill out two sheets of… Read more »

Getting started

Not many know what goes behind the scene when we press the power button on our computer. Fewer people know that the time it takes to fully boot a computer is affected by legacy code in the BIOS, making our brand new machines to go through through the very same steps that early computers in… Read more »


The circadian rhythm is a mechanism that allow organisms to synchronize their internal physiological systems to their external environment. Our brain has an internal biological clock that synchronizes other biological clocks in our bodies, such as in our heart, pancreas, fat tissue, kidney, and liver. In 2009, researchers in the Turek Lab discovered that mice… Read more »

Some of my Favorite Things

Note: I wrote this post Monday, but I’m posting it on Wednesday. Adding pictures takes a surprisingly long time, and I ran out of time to add pictures on Monday. I’ll write another (more up-to-date) post soonish maybe! But it might not have pictures, haha. Since today (Monday) marks the first day of the first… Read more »