Monthly Archives: June 2015

So I’m going to Paris…

But that will not be occurring until after I complete my research here in Evanston. I’ve always loved reading and storytelling. I believe that through stories we can experience a different perspective, a different way of processing the same world that we all live in. That is what originally sparked my interest in Psychology. My… Read more »

6.15 – Native Plants Garden (Chicago Botanic Garden)

Today was the first official day of research, so we went out to the Botanic Garden’s Native Plants garden, where Meghan, Alyssa, and Taran taught Bob and me how to identify a bunch of different species. Here are two: Baptisia alba (Wild White Indigo). This common flower is in the pea family, and so has… Read more »

Getting started!

Hi! I’ve never blogged before, but the occasion has arisen because I am doing the Turkish Language and Culture Program (TLCP) at Boğaziçi University (pronounced Bo-ahz-itch-ee, with the stress on Bo) in Istanbul, Turkey, from Thursday, June 18, to Wednesday, August 5. I received an Undergraduate Language Grant (ULG) from Northwestern to help cover the… Read more »

Bem-vindo a São Paulo!

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. That has been much of my communication over the last five days. Though I can understand much of Portuguese, I’m rather (read: very) limited in what I can say. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time smiling, nodding, and waving. I spend an hour every… Read more »

T-minus 4 hours

Fake President Josiah Bartlett once asked his best friend Leo McGary to “jump off a cliff.” While, Josiah Bartlett was only asking him to serve as his fake Chief of Staff on the political television drama The West Wing; the idea of figuratively jumping off a cliff remains romantic in a way. My trip has… Read more »