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Rehearsal #4 and Exploring Manhattan

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to my friend Summer’s apartment and did some much-needed practicing on her piano. Then I headed back to the rehearsal studio for another day of Tigers rehearsal. I realized during this rehearsal that a lot of my Dropbox updates weren’t being synced, so I spent a lot of this rehearsal… Read more »

Taiwan, July 30

So I’ve pretty much just stayed home these past couple of days, but I think I’ve been pretty productive.  I contacted a few new sources, and actually tomorrow, rather than staying home like I originally thought, I’m going to Neisi High School to do some interviews with students who recently graduated.  I have to leave… Read more »

7.24 – Sri Venkateswara Swami (Balaji) Temple

We took some time to explore the beautiful building that owns this prairie. It is the regional Hindu temple, located in Aurora IL. It was quite the sight to see every time we looked up from surveying the prairie restoration! View of the front of the Temple View of the Temple from its prairie  … Read more »

7.20- 7.22 – Orland Grasslands

This was an enormous site! It’s part of the Cook County preserves. The size of the site meant that the three different sections we visited had visible differences in their soil, with the “Phoenix” section having much drier soil than the “North” section, for example. There were differences in seeding strategies between the sections too – Phoenix… Read more »

7.15 – Ball Horticultural Center

This site was at a big horticultural center, which was a cool place to visit! My favorite part of the center was their lawn mower roomba, which took about 6 hours to mow a small lawn but boy was it adorable in the process. The prairie restoration was right next to a General Mills factory… Read more »

7.8- 7.13 – Peck Farm

Sorry for the long absence friends, it’s been a busy July! At the beginning of the month we went to Peck Farm, beautiful agricultural land converted into a prairie and visitor’s center. The prairie was very dense and had beautifully soft soil, unlike some of the Chicago Park District sites, since it used to be… Read more »

TKTS and rehearsal #2!

I am writing this post from We Are The Tigers rehearsal. Today we’re doing individual vocal parts, while yesterday was devoted to teaching ensemble parts. We have seen several of the ladies in the show in 30-minute increments as they learn their various solos throughout the show. It’s been interesting to see the difference in teaching… Read more »

The Ocean is a Scary Place…

Ahh reunited yet again.  Since my last correspondence I have had the pleasure of traveling to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and back, and what a trip it was.  We boarded our 2 hour water taxi ride at 7 am to provide optimal fun-in-the-sun time.  We crowded onto the vessel and managed to get seats… Read more »

Taiwan, July 28

A thunderstorm just ended, which is a relief because it’s been a while since it rained in Zhongli, and it was burning hot today. This afternoon I traveled to Chung Yuan Christian University in Zhongli to interview a Hakka student.  The interview went great.  The student I interviewed was born and raised in Guanyin, a… Read more »