On the Town, Being a Tourist, and a Read-through!

Today was my most jam-packed day yet.

I realized too late that the subway station closest to my apartment was not running the train I needed this afternoon, so I had to hustle to the closest one a bit north. I got on the train and made it to the Lyric Theater JUST in time for a matinee performance of On the Town. The show was absolutely spectacular. It’s a weird little play with lots of classic musical comedy moments in it. I thoroughly enjoyed the production value, high level of musicianship, and impeccable design. I imagine this show will be running for a while. I’ll have a lot to say about it in my research, and I am getting in touch with the music director to see if I can interview him and observe from the orchestra!

After On the Town, I had two hours to kill in Midtown until rehearsal. I went to Rockefeller Center, gallavanted around Times Square, and walked until I couldn’t walk anymore! I stopped at the Drama Book Shop right next to the rehearsal studio and picked up an enormous book of Sondheim PVs (piano/vocal sheet music). My goal is to learn them all perfectly by the end of the year so that I have all of the major Sondheim audition selections under my belt for when I begin my career.

Rehearsal was great tonight! I took music notes on our first read-through of the music and script. I’m doing a lot of notation work in Finale, making sure the score looks accurate in accordance with what is being performed. It’s been a huge learning process. It was a great coincidence that I get to start out my research with a weeklong, repetitive project to fully immerse myself in it.

Tomorrow, I have an afternoon off, and then another Tigers rehearsal!