Taiwan, July 30

So I’ve pretty much just stayed home these past couple of days, but I think I’ve been pretty productive.  I contacted a few new sources, and actually tomorrow, rather than staying home like I originally thought, I’m going to Neisi High School to do some interviews with students who recently graduated.  I have to leave the house at around 9:20 tomorrow to take the train and bus there to get there before noon.  I’m also halfway through the interview data sheet, and as I do my last few interviews, I’m going to fill in the sheet with information.  I worked on a story pitch today, and I spent yesterday working on a new website with Rails. I’ve also learned how to use the canvas HTML element.  A longer term coding goal of mine is to create a game.

Other than being productive and setting up other interviews, other exciting things that have happened are that my grandma and I went on a walk and bought bread yesterday, and yesterday she also made three cup fish. Three cup fish is a dish with sesame oil, rice wine, soy sauce, basil and some hot sauce.  The actual dish is three cup chicken, but my grandma used fish instead.  Prior to cooking it, she had covered the raw fish in salt.  Three cup fish is so delicious.

Here are some photos of a bridge and a temple near my grandma’s place.