Rehearsal #4 and Exploring Manhattan

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to my friend Summer’s apartment and did some much-needed practicing on her piano. Then I headed back to the rehearsal studio for another day of Tigers rehearsal. I realized during this rehearsal that a lot of my Dropbox updates weren’t being synced, so I spent a lot of this rehearsal crosschecking and adding in my edits to the score that weren’t synced. It looked like I had barely done anything during rehearsal because of this syncing error! Now everything is all up to date, and we’re doing some basic staging to see how the show looks on its feet. However, there will be no staging for the reading on Sunday and Monday night.

After rehearsal, I went to Marin’s friend’s place on the Upper West Side and hung out with a bunch of people on his balcony! It was the most beautiful view of the city I have ever seen. I saw lots of parts of Manhattan that I hadn’t seen before, and took the 1 and 6 trains for the first time.

Today, I have another Tigers rehearsal. I’m not sure what we’re doing yet, but we’ve still got more polishing to do before the readings on Sunday and Monday.