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A Closer Look at Brazil and Spain

Today, dear reader(s?), we take a break from my usually whimsical (and entertaining?) blog posts so I can put on my academic hat and do some preliminary analysis. I have been thinking a lot about my data from Brazil and Spain. The most striking similarity between the two is the “grassroots” or “underground” feminism groups… Read more »

Team Music, Workshops, and Prospect Park!

It was another stunning day in the city. I am so uncontrollably happy here. I started the day by exploring the neighborhood. Those of you who have me added on Snapchat (and for those of you that don’t, add me!! Username: caseyrreed! I post about this project constantly.) probably saw my many videos and pictures… Read more »

Taiwan, July 27

This morning I worked on some coding, and in the afternoon I took the bus to National Central University to interview a Hakka studies graduate student.  She majored in ethnic and indigenous studies in college, and now she is focusing on Hakka studies.  She is interested in Hakka studies because it is an important part… Read more »

First Day: Amazing Grace

I am back in my apartment after a long and rewarding first full day in the city. I had to do a surprise “test run” into Manhattan to find my roommate so that I could get keys to my apartment that actually worked! Turns out I grabbed the wrong ones. So, after traversing the subway,… Read more »

Taiwan, July 26

It’s been a more chill four days.  I stayed home Thursday and spent a good portion of it sleeping (I was exhausted). On Friday I went to Taipei.  First I interviewed a student who is half Hakka and half Taiwanese (or Mi-Nan), and she grew up in Taipei.  I interviewed her at her internship office,… Read more »

Waiting at the Gate…

The day has finally arrived…I am waiting at the gate for my flight from O’Hare to JFK. I have been counting down the days for months, and I could not be more excited. It feels like there is a boulder on my chest, in the good sort of way. The next eight weeks are an… Read more »

We Suck. But Belize is Fabulous!

Wow. Apologies.  We had no intentions of leaving you with a riveting cliffhanger about fictional characters but alas life happens!! Rest assured, we did in fact make it Belize that day and what a time it has been since! Our first week was spent at a beautiful hotel in San Ignacio (in south western Belize)… Read more »


What does it mean to study multiculturalism? What did I do in Trinidad? In trying to understand a country you can look at census data and see the numbers aligning with each ethnic group and the distribution across the country, average SES and education levels. But I felt that numbers alone did not tell me… Read more »

Harvesting Begins!

On Monday (7/20) about 100 plants were taken out of their cone-tainers and harvested to collect data. Most of the plants ready were the Rudbeckia Hirta, or Black-Eyed Susan. Only some of the Andropogon Gerardii (Big Bluestem), Zizia Aurea (Gold Alexander), and Allium Cernuum (Nodding Onion) were ready to be harvested. After the 35 day… Read more »