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Taiwan, July 22

This morning, my grandma, her cousin, her cousin’s husband (the retired principal who I previously interviewed) and their grandson drove to Guanyin visit some relatives and old houses. Our first stop was my grandma’s grandfather’s old home (so my great-great-grandfather’s home).  He was a doctor and quite well-off, and his family lived in a type… Read more »

Taiwan, July 21

Today it was 102.2 degrees outside.  I kid you not.  Sometimes it feels like it’s too hot to do anything. Anyway, I’ve had a good last three days. July 19 – I went to Taipei to meet up with my cousins.  They are my dad’s uncle’s grandnieces and grandnephew.  I had lunch with them and… Read more »

Taiwan, July 18

July 14 – I went to Hsinchu to interview two professors at National Chiao Tung University. First I interviewed the dean, Professor Wei-An Chang. Professor Chang helped me a lot while I was writing my research proposal, and he gave me a lot of information about Hakka cultural preservation today, the trend of the declining… Read more »

Cast of Characters: Part 2/?

Time for Part 2 of “Cast of Characters!” Henrique and Clara (Brazil) On the day of the half marathon, I returned to the hostel and began eating copious amounts of the free bread, ham and cheese they provided as breakfast. I was generally only focused on replenishing my nutrients after a long run; however, I… Read more »

Taiwan, July 17

Wow, it’s been a week since I’ve blogged.  I was on a roll blogging everyday and then I got busy/lazy and stopped.  Well, here I am again. Here’s what I’ve been up to this past week: July 11: My grandma and I went to the Hakka Cultural Park in Miaoli.  We got a tour of… Read more »

Island of the Scarlet Ibis

Having spent some time on our second campus, the University of Trinidad and Tobago John Donaldson, or the Creativity Campus, I am getting a nice second look at Trinidad’s student population. You would expect universities to feel starkly different when the costs are entirely subsidized by the government and local students pay nothing to attend…. Read more »

7.7 – Lab Day (Chicago Botanic Garden)

Today was a lab day, where we ID’ed plants we brought back from the field that we hadn’t been able to figure out, after which we pressed them so we can continue to look at them in the coming weeks. For some IDs we looked through the Garden’s herbarium, which is stacks of pressed plants… Read more »

Land of Liming

As a formal part of the nation of Trinidad & Tobago, it was an obligation of mine as a researcher to visit Tobago this week. With entirely different geological characteristics, much more like the rest of the Caribbean than Trinidad itself, Tobago is the vacation spot for Trinidadians and where many aspire to retire.  White sand,… Read more »

Cast of Characters: Part 1/?

I’ve met a lot of people on this trip, so I wanted to do another human interest story to provide a cast of characters. I’ll introduce everyone chronologically. -Bruce (New Zealand) I first met Bruce when I returned to the hostel in Sao Paulo. We exchanged “Ola”s, and noticing that he was blonde and pale… Read more »

Family Weekend No. 2

Note: I wrote this on Sunday, July 5, and I posted this on Sunday, July 12. It’s Sunday night, and I don’t really feel like writing a blog post right now. But a) nothing would get done if we always waited until we “felt like” doing something, and b) this might be last change to… Read more »