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Progress so far

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post – and I’ve dived too deep since then and thought that it would be a nice timing to make another blog post on the progress so far before I go deeper. To recap, my research project breaks down into 3 parts: 1. Flashing Coreboot on… Read more »

Taiwan, July 10

Coincidences are an interesting thing.  Sometimes you meet someone and you realize what a small world it is.  Sometimes you expect to stay home all day, but instead you go out and learn something. Anyway, I didn’t really expect to do anything today.  I had an interview planned this evening, but there was a typhoon… Read more »

7.6 – Burnham Centennial South (Lakeside)

NOTE: Go take another look at the 6.24 post! I wrote something incorrect about the Rudbeckias, but have replaced it with equally cool information! This was our last site in the Chicago Park District, just across the path from the Wavy site. It had a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline! The soil was pretty… Read more »

Taiwan, July 9

Today’s blog post won’t be too interesting, but I might as well update this blog.  My grandma woke me up early, and we went to the grocery store.  The grocery store looks a lot different than the ones I normally go to at home.  Instead of one store with different sections of produce, it looked… Read more »


Hello! I’m a rising senior at Northwestern University doing research on Broadway music direction this summer. I am conducting interviews, observing rehearsals, sitting in pit orchestras, and observing other aspects of the multi-faceted career of music directing. Starting July 25 upon my arrival in New York City, I will start posting about my experience and… Read more »

Taiwan, July 8

Today my grandma and I traveled to National Central University in Zhongli for an interview with Professor Hanbi Chang.  It was a 30-minute bus ride away, and my grandma, being from Zhongli, knew how to get there. Professor Hanbi Chang is a professor at the graduate institute of Hakka social and cultural studies.  NCU’s College… Read more »

Taiwan, July 7

Today was officially day 1 of my research!  So my grandma and I took the bus to Longtan, where we visited the Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall. First we went on a tour of the museum, which featured famous Hakka people of Taiwan who made great contributions in literature and music. The outside of the museum… Read more »

Taiwan, July 6

I didn’t know I could sweat so much.  I want to know how many cups of sweat I’ve sweat today because literally I feel like this entire day I’ve been covered in sweat.  It’s so hot here. Anyway, today was a pretty chill day.  In the morning I walked with my grandma to where she… Read more »

Ready to go

I’m finally in Taiwan!  I arrived on July 2.  In no particular order of priority, I’m here to do research, visit my grandma and to eat a lot of food. My research will focus on Hakka cultural preservation and Hakka youth.  To give you a quick rundown, the Hakka are a Chinese ethnic minority in… Read more »