Monthly Archives: August 2015

Page Allocation in Palacios

In today’s somewhat delayed post, I will be talking about the page allocator that I wrote to port the Palacios VMM to the Nautilus kernel. In operating systems and kernels, a page refers to a block of memory. It’s a basic unit of memory chunk that the kernel uses to allocate memory to user level programs…. Read more »

8.4 & 8.5 – Orland Henslow and Peck Recreation Center

For the last two sites we returned to our old friends Orland Grasslands and Peck Farms. Beautiful days both times! Orland Henslow   The Peck site was one of my favorites because of how ridiculously tall it was. All Big Bluestem, so it was plants we had seen before, but boy does it get tall… Read more »

8.3 – Harvey Creek

This site was notable for me for two reasons: 1. The soil was the darkest I’ve seen sampling, almost like compost. I’m hypothesizing high soil organic matter when I analyze it in the lab. Sorry this picture is so out of focus! 2. Harvey Creek is in an Illinois town called Sandwich. This is, in… Read more »

7.31 – Roxana Marsh (aka, the Infamous Indiana Site)

This was our only site out of Illinois, right across the border in East Chicago/Gary, Indiana. I had never been to Indiana before, and boy was this an interesting introduction! It was a day full of surprises for sure. This part of Indiana is very industrial, as you can see from this view of our… Read more »

Week 3- Routine is a Luxury

I am realizing that the life I want to lead here will have no sense of routine or predictability to it. Things sort of pop up here and there with little-to-no warning. Sometimes I will have longer chunks of time where it is impossible to observe something, and then all at once it will be… Read more »

Taiwan, Aug. 11

I would like to announce that I am officially finished organizing my interview data on the spreadsheet I made! So now what are my next steps? Write articles/reflection, which may lead to some follow up questions.  Goal is to get a framework for these pieces by the end of this week.  Since I am leaving… Read more »

Taiwan, Aug. 10

Today was my sister’s last day in Taiwan.  Most of the day was spent helping her clean and pack.  In the morning we went to the doctor to get some medicine from her cough, and I was amazed at how efficient the doctor and pharmacist was! For lunch, I treated my grandma, my grandma’s friend… Read more »

Book of Mormon: “A Well-Oiled Machine”

I got back from Boston today after a fantastic weekend with Courtney. We explored Boston, bummed around her hometown, and spent a lot of time at the beach. I had never been to the city before- glad I made the trip! Tonight, I dove right back into things. I shadowed Ian Weinberger on keyboard 2… Read more »