Monthly Archives: June 2016

This is the final week of making the educational materials for the research project!  The patients who are willing to participate will be split into two groups, one will receive the pamphlet that all patients receive prior to the biopsy, and the other group will receive the educational video in addition to the pamphlet. I… Read more »

New Fun and New Friends

Ah, the relaxing beach life.  I did some snorkeling today, although the surf got a bit rough for me and I needed a rescue! I made a new friend at the beach.  It is nice to meet someone closer to my size! Later, it got a little wacky when we met up at the party… Read more »

Life in Puglia

We got a really late start to our day (after such a long travel experience).  Nancy and Nik went to a local market and brought home a wonderful ton of fruits and pastries for breakfast, and we had a lovely breakfast at our villa. Next, we headed over to the Fleabag/Nightmare villa, and we all headed… Read more »

Ciao, Firenze; Hello, the entire country of Italy!

We had one more magical day in Florence- Nancy’s birthday!  In the “morning,” we got up and had breakfast with Robby (who kept it open just for us).  Lizzie came as well, and it was great to see her. Then, the kids and I went to Ponte Vecchio, while Nancy and Nik went to the… Read more »


We have a midterm tomorrow, so I’ve spent a lot of this weekend studying Spanish grammar.  It’s made me think that describing the recent past in any romantic language could become exceedingly difficult.  Without enough distance from a past event, it’s hard to have enough perspective to choose the verb form that best conveys the… Read more »

Rosario, Argentina: the People’s Perspective

As I was planning for this research project, I wasn’t anticipating including public discourse in my analyses because I didn’t know how I would find sources of information. In Rosario, it turned out to be quite easy. In the five days that I was there, I stumbled upon many public examples of conversations about biotechnology, including… Read more »

Rolling and riding…

I got a little bored with walking every where today, so I decided to take this little car out for a spin. In truth, I was searching for my dear Alice.  Sigh.  Later on, we went to see the David.  I have to say, I find all the nudity a bit disturbing.  Maybe it is… Read more »

More glorious Florence (and more glorious Italians)

We had another wonderful day and an even better evening.  We got up earlier and had a great breakfast at the hotel.  Then, we headed to the big central market, where we picked up lots of goodies including leather jackets for me and Eli! We met up with Louise and Meredith and headed to a… Read more »

Forza Azzurri!

I am truly becoming Italian now.  For my whole life, people have made fun of my blue jacket, but suddenly I fit in perfectly.  When everyone else had to go buy blue shirts, I was already fully azzurri! We climbed to the top of the Bell Tower and had a beautiful view of the Duomo,… Read more »

Nothing like it!

Today was the Feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of Florence, and the highlight of it is the historical soccer match called calcio in costume.  It dates back to 1530 when the 4 churches banded together to repel a siege of the city.  Ever since, they celebrate the victory by having battles between… Read more »