Forza Azzurri!

I am truly becoming Italian now.  For my whole life, people have made fun of my blue jacket, but suddenly I fit in perfectly.  When everyone else had to go buy blue shirts, I was already fully azzurri!

Firenze Day 2 030

We climbed to the top of the Bell Tower and had a beautiful view of the Duomo, but be careful where you walk when you are my size!

Firenze Day 2 032 Firenze Day 2 036 Firenze Day 2 056

That was a close one!

Calcio Storico di Fiorentino is sport the way it should be.  We are working on posting the video with me making friends in the stands!  Eventually, I could contain my passion no longer, and I hoped the fence to join the game – pico, azzurri!  See if you can find me pummeling one of the biancis in the back!

Firenze Day 2 115

We may have lost, but the warriors and I fauht the good fight!