More glorious Florence (and more glorious Italians)

We had another wonderful day and an even better evening.  We got up earlier and had a great breakfast at the hotel.  Then, we headed to the big central market, where we picked up lots of goodies including leather jackets for me and Eli!

Firenze Day 3 003

We met up with Louise and Meredith and headed to a lovely lunch near Ponte Vecchio.  Afterwards we went to the Duomo where the kids all lit candles for special prayers.

Firenze Day 3 014

Next, we went to see Michelangelo’s David.  Almost as amazing are his unfinished sculptures, where it appears like the people are emerging from the stone.

Firenze Day 3 042 Firenze Day 3 047

Then, we took a bus to Nancy’s good friends’ house: Lola and Fabio (Alessia’s parents).  They took us to this outdoor cafe with food trucks.  We had fried fish and all sat around laughing and talking.  The kids even got to ride on the back of their scooters (and now are obsessed with us getting one for Evanston).  Alessia even let Sophie drive hers!  It was a great evening to be with friends and outside of the typical tourist areas.  We were just surrounded by Florentine’s enjoying a beautiful summer night.  We were also working hard on trying to get Alessia to come to Evanston to work as a counselor at theater camp.  She is studying early childhood education, and it would be so much fun to have her stay with us for a week!

Firenze Day 3 066 Firenze Day 3 072 Firenze Day 3 073

Another great day!