Life in Puglia

We got a really late start to our day (after such a long travel experience).  Nancy and Nik went to a local market and brought home a wonderful ton of fruits and pastries for breakfast, and we had a lovely breakfast at our villa.

Puglia Day 1 001 Puglia Day 1 002

Next, we headed over to the Fleabag/Nightmare villa, and we all headed out to the old fortified city of Galipoli.  It was so beautiful.  Nancy, Nik, and the kids went to the beach, and I strolled around town with my peeps, catching up on life.

Puglia Day 1 007 Puglia Day 1 015

I joined the family back on the beach and went swimming for a while, while the other crew went back to their place.  The plan was for me to drive back to our place.  I would shower and change and then go to their villa to hang out and have dinner.  Nancy and the gang would stay at the beach through sunset, eat in old Galipoli, and maybe come meet us at their villa.  That plan didn’t work.  It didn’t work because I got really lost and couldn’t find my way back home.  I did, however, find the other villa, so shower be damned, I just stayed with my friends.  We had an amazing evening full of laughter and stories.  Tom and Wendy arrived to complete the group, and we even had birthday cake.  [They are MUCH older than, so they were all celebrating their 50th, which was the premise of the trip.]

Puglia Day 1 127 Puglia Day 1 131

Meanwhile, the kids had a great time at the beach.  They met a dog that apparently comes to the beach every day on its own and then returns to its home.  They had a great, albeit slow, dinner, and come to save me from my direction challenged self.  Another great day.

Puglia Day 1 044 Puglia Day 1 049 Puglia Day 1 089 Puglia Day 1 109