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I am Humpty!

Apparently, these people don’t think I have a voice of my own.  Instead of having them speak for me, I have decided to speak for myself from now on! First of all, they weren’t kidding about sluggish, more like cranky from my perspective.  Yeesh, people, shake it off!  To try to liven up the mood,… Read more »

Rome Day 3

We got off to a sluggish start today.  Outside of our apartment is a café that keeps hopping late into the night.  My room is at the other end of the apartment, so it isn’t bad.  For the others, it makes it difficult to fall asleep.  By the time we got showered and out to… Read more »


In the one week that I’ve been in Barcelona, I’ve already managed to get lost several times.  It always goes the same way:  I search for the directions to a popular tourist site on google maps and start walking in that direction. Then in the distance, I spot an architectural masterpiece casually blending in with… Read more »

Humpty Does the Vatican!

Humpty had a big day too.  Apparently, he is quite fond of Nutella. Humpty enjoyed making some new friends! He was a little scared at the top of the cuppola, and so he needed Eli to hold his hand. He also seems to be enjoying Italian wine a bit more that we expected!

Day 2- The Vatican

It was a glorious and fun day.  We started with a nice breakfast at the cafe where we had lunch the previous day, and then we boarded a city bus for the Vatican.  It was a spectacular day, sunny but not too hot. We strolled through St. Peter’s Square, and as luck would have it,… Read more »

Chile GMO Resistance

Greetings from Buenos Aires! I arrived here Wedenesday afternoon after spending a few days in Santiago, Chile seeing the sites and practicing my Spanish before beginning interviews. It turns out that Chile is a very bad place to practice Spanish because they talk fast and have a lot of vocabulary that only they use. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Humpty’s First Day

Humpty also had a good first day.  We seemed to enjoy the flight (although he seems a bit creepy with Sophie). Apparently, he got the flight attendant to serve him a drink (and it smelled a little like bourbon). He even threw his coin into Trevi Fountain! But the biggest moment for Humpty was at… Read more »

Great First Day!

We are in Rome, and everything is tremendous so far.  So, first off, Air Canada is awesome.  We got to O’Hare and were checking in, when the agent noted that our flight was delayed that “may mean” we would miss our connection to Rome.  Most airlines wouldn’t even have cared (not their direct problem); instead,… Read more »

The Legend of [Creepy] Humpty Dumpty

A couple of years ago, Sophie, Eli, and I were laughing about this strange small stuffed doll we found in our apartment.  It was Humpty Dumpty, but he is a bit creepy and weird.  As you can see, even our cat Luke is wary of Humpty. And then we realized that we had no idea… Read more »