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That Look

People keep giving me that look when I tell them that I’m going to Barcelona for six weeks to take a class in Spanish conversation.  It’s that look of skepticism and confusion, sometimes even with a little bit of disgust mixed in, that people show when they see or hear something completely unexpected.  You see,… Read more »

The Countdown Is On…

Roughly a month ago, I found myself in an Uber on my way into Chicago. I settled in and waited for the perfunctory “who are you and what are you going into the city for” questions that accompany every one of these car rides. Sure enough, five minutes into the ride, I was telling the… Read more »

Traveling again!

A few years’ back, I took my kids to China to visit my sister Jenny and her family who were living there at the time.  We traveled with another sister Betsy and her awesome children, and it was an experience of a lifetime.  This time my kids wanted to go to Italy, and I was able… Read more »

Starting my summer…

This summer I’ll be creating a series of concept videos in order to explore the perceptions of intimacy and hot those perceptions change based on the casts and genres of dance. I am so beyond excited to get started choreographing next week! 

The purpose of the study is to determine if educating patients through educational material such as videos and pamphlets would decrease patient anxiety in the pre-procedural setting, such as prior to an image guided thyroid or breast biopsy in the radiology department of a busy academic medical center (the Outpatient Imaging Facility at Rhode Island… Read more »

Starting off…

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog to learn more about my research this summer. If you have any questions, comments or ideas to contribute please reach out – I’d love to connect and learn from you!  The purpose of my project is to better understand how makerspaces support or limit feelings of inclusion among… Read more »

Off We Go!

If you’re reading this blog, you’re either (a) very bored, (b) interested in a URG, (c) interested in dance and/or literature, or (d) are Callie (hey, Cal). If you’re in the first category, I make no promises about this blog. If you’re in any of the other three, I truly hope that this will be… Read more »

Getting Started

I begin my journey close to home: on my family’s farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My dad is passionate about environmental conservation, so he plants most of his fields with either native grasses or crops for animals to eat. From left to right, this field contains strips of non-GM native grasses, genetically modified (GM) alfalfa,… Read more »