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Mickey Mouse & Betty Boop

Not to over-post, but I came across something really fun in a moment that I wasn’t even intending to do research! I visited a couple of different museums today, and one of them is called the Peranakan Museum. Peranakan means “mixed race,” in Malay, and basically refers to the descendants of traders in the ancient world who traveled to Java,… Read more »

Food Time

It´s my last day in Barcelona, and that can only mean one thing:  Food Time!  That special time when, before leaving a foreign country, you go to binge eat enough of your favorite region exclusive cuisine to hold yourself over until next time.  My five must-eat specials from Barcelona are: Patatas Bravas Move over French… Read more »

Interlude: A Photo Essay of Summer 2016

So far I’ve posted mostly about what happened in my research work. But this doesn’t mean that I have not had fun! In fact, this summer was full of fun times and adventures, ranging from multiple dinner night-out with friends to my first Fourth of July celebration in the US (!!!) to an excursion all the… Read more »

On Solitude

This week, I got dinner with a friend of the professor advising my project, and I felt a solidarity in my research experience. She too had spent hours in the NUS library, the National Library and the National Archives conducting research on a BA thesis related to the “social problem,” meaning prostitution, in 1920s Singapore. So, she understood my frustrations… Read more »

One More for the Books

I really need to stop being surprised at this point. I keep thinking that my weird and wild stories have come to an end. That I can’t possibly have another interesting tidbit for this blog. Every trip has a finite amount of excitement and I have severely overdrawn this excursion’s account. But, time and time again,… Read more »

An Afternoon at Monsanto (dun dun dun)

For most of this trip I have opted to visit small public research institutions because their work can reveal how local perceptions, challenges, and priorities differ around the world. However, to circumnavigate the world researching GMOs without talking about the dominant global force in transgenic seed production would be to leave out a huge part… Read more »

A Short Recess to Island Time

“Huh”, I thought to myself, “so that’s Canada”. I sat and watched the submerging sun begin to streak the sky in dim yellows, burnt oranges, fading into cool turquoises, and calm violets. It reminded me of so many of the beautiful, transcendent paintings that I often would gaze upon in art museums. I always wondered how the… Read more »

Week 3: Another Promising Initial Result before Entering the Limbo

At the end of Week 2, given all the adjustments made in the previous two weeks, Professor Riecke and I have agreed to use MATLAB and proceed with the next stage of my URG project. As proposed in my URG proposal, I would test how better/worse does the simulated network of neurons perform in odor discrimination when we don’t… Read more »