Monthly Archives: July 2016

Foggy Glasses, Foggy Brain

Disclaimer: I’ve slept about 6 of the last 48 hours. My brain feels fuzzy, every task I’ve completed so far related to research (including this post) is taking about twice as long as it should. As a traveler (and a person), I tend to “deal with it when I get there.” For example, someone advising me on the… Read more »

Roses and Wedding Bells

I did not anticipate posting this frequently but sometimes life compels you to adjust your plans. One of the unexpected benefits of doing a project like this is that you make your own hours. I am in complete control of when and where I work which is at times both exhilarating and terrifying. Not being… Read more »

Living the Fever Dream

Low sloping ceiling. Powder blue walls. And the heat that only comes by residing at the apex of a building. My humble abode for the next three weeks. Perched at the top of an unnaturally steep flight of stairs, this tiny attic room will serve as my quiet sanctuary, a welcome respite from the hustle… Read more »

A Tale of Two Cities

An important performance measurement for almost anything is the amount of service provided. In transit, this is reflected in ridership. More people riding public transit is generally good news for transit agencies. Ridership is measured in unlinked passenger trips. Effectively we’re talking about the number of boardings. If one person goes on a trip from… Read more »

Cultural Appropriation, Religion, and Ruth St. Denis

Monday, July 11 – “Wisdom Comes Dancing” by Ruth St. Denis I spent my morning in HERO Coffee Bar, a small but wonderful coffee bar in the loop. I’m a big fan. It didn’t take me that long to get through this book, since it’s just collected essays and poems and speeches, but I didn’t… Read more »