Monthly Archives: August 2016

Chinese Development

I don’t even attempt to avoid the dirt path and subsequent puddles of the construction site as I enter campus. I think to myself that walking through an open construction site is a daily passage in China. I think this with more amusement than irritation, although I do cringe at open sparks flying and the… Read more »

I’ve learned some things

Well, there are very few things that I predicted for this project. But one thing I was right about is my retroactive blogging. I’m a little past half way through this project and on my third bolg post. Whoops. I guess I just got too focused on production. Anyho, I just filmed the fouth video… Read more »

A little history

Designing a summer research project to do in my home community has been an amazing experience. Not only am I putting the resources that Northwestern offers its undergrads to work to produce better understanding of a problem, but I get to do it at home, addressing an issue that directly affects the people I care… Read more »