Monthly Archives: April 2017

CityFood Symposium: Street Food Around the World

Last week, I was granted an incredible opportunity to ditch three days of school to go to New York and talk about food. More specifically, I listened to a group of incredible food studies academics present their research related to street food and engaged in (well, mostly still listened to) conversation and budding collaboration regarding topics of food consumption and… Read more »

Take Two!

So, that last blog post on the train ended short because I fell asleep. This morning I traced out the route of my upcoming circumnavigation on a map for my current hosts in Virginia, and they commented on how long many of the flights are I’ll be taking. I’m generally incapable of napping during the day, but my… Read more »

Getting ready!

Hi, from… Wilmington, Delaware!   No, this isn’t one of the stops on my future circumnavigation, but I suppose it is apropos that I’m writing my first blog post while in transit (even if it’s for Spring Break travel)?   Anyhow, yes—it is Spring Break! A magical week of no classes, which I’ve been waiting so… Read more »