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Hey listeners! We encourage you to visit our website for frequent updates and images from our research trip. Also visit for more fun!   What makes a story believable? And why do ghost stories always seem to stick? Sarah Walther and Jared Zvonar are two Northwestern undergrad students who want to find out…. Read more »

First post!

Measures of electrical activity from the brain provide great insight into neural processes related to sensation and perception.  An important subset of this field of neuroscience seeks to understand how different brain processes respond to different stimuli. A frequent and ubiquitous current stimulus is the mobile phone (MP). Research in the Suzuki and Grabowecky lab… Read more »

First start!

This summer I will be living in Evanston, spending my days in Dr. Maggie Osburn’s isotope geobiology lab and Dr. Yarrow Axford’s paleolimnology lab. What motivates me to spend eight-hour days in a room with minimal windows (apart from grant funding…)? I am looking to answer questions about how Greenland’s climate has changed over the… Read more »