Week Four!

Happy belated fourth of July! The lab was closed on Monday and Tuesday for the holiday, so I had a nice long weekend. The highlight was going to see fireworks- twice! On Monday night, I sat in my backyard in Deerfield with my family and some friends from high school to watch the fireworks go off in a local park. It was great to relax and catch up with everyone. On Tuesday night, I walked over to the Northwestern Lakefill with my friend Caroline to see Evanston’s fireworks. The show was shorter than Deerfield’s but much more intense.


I also spent the week settling into my new apartment! On Saturday, I moved my clothes and the other few items I had with me from Rogers Park to my new studio. Without furniture, the place was still pretty empty! On Tuesday I enlisted the help of my parents and boyfriend to move all my furniture in, and over the weekend I went shopping for necessities and some decorations. I will post a picture once I have finished settling in 🙂


We are one week to the start of the Fit2Thrive Intervention, and that means it has been very busy I spent a lot of time on orientation calls explaining to our participants what they should expect from the study. We also had loads of tech calls- everybody seemed to have some type of problem with our apps! I did not anticipate how many questions we would have about app functionality, but fortunately we had scheduled in extra time for troubleshooting.


Monica Hsu, the other summer URG recipient in my lab, and I before heading to a meeting with our PI, Dr. Siobhan Phillips. Photo Credit: Austin Gardner, another intern in our lab.

Another struggle was getting in everyone’s paperwork on time for the Intervention to start on Monday, July 10. If our participants fail a physical activity readiness questionnaire, we need to receive physician consent in order for them to participate. Their buddies had to pass the

same questionnaire or get consent as well, and unfortunately, some of the buddies’ doctors’ offices did not fax us back the necessary forms on time. I had to call our participants and explain that we would need to push back their start dates two weeks. They were understandably frustrated. I would be disappointed too if I had to push back the start of an exercise program because of something out of my control. Most of the women were understanding of the circumstances, and we are working on a plan to get them started as soon as possible!


There has also been good news on the IRB for my project. Dr. Phillips submitted it early in the week and we got pre-review comments back! We made some wording clarification adjustments to a few of our documents which should help it go through the review process even faster. My project is just an interview, so things should go smoothly for consenting and scheduling participants as long as there is enough interest! I will be spending lots of time these next few weeks working on just that, and can’t wait to talk with breast cancer survivors about their desires for an exercise program during chemotherapy! This is very meaningful work.


Until next time,