Pakistan’s Prime Minister Impeached

We have been busy trying to wrap up our research here. Towards the halfway mark, we had to revisit what we have done. Then, we decide on our angle for our long-form piece and documentary. We scheduled more face time with our subjects to get more material. Also, some nice intimate dinner with them to conclude our time.

Me casually looking candid along Mall Road, Murree, Pakistan.

That’s pretty usual stuff. What’s unusual is that the current Prime Minister for Pakistan got impeached yesterday. I don’t want to get into details. You should check the lead up towards the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision against Nawaz Sharif, the outgoing PM.

Six days ago, there is a bombing in the city that I live in, Lahore. Fortunately, I live in a very secured area, where the army performs heavy checks on everyone. However, it is interesting to live here and interact with locals especially in this volatile time in Pakistani politics.

This is not a first for me. I was new to the States and witnessed locals’ reactions towards the appointment of Donald Trump. Just as how my family and friends checked on me after the Lahore bombing, they did the same when I was in Evanston the day Trump got appointed. As much as these are ‘breaking news’, living day to day is not as scary as it is made to be.

In little over a week’s time, I will be leaving Pakistan for Qatar, while the Saudi-led bloc on the country ripens. It will be business as usual, or not so unusual, hopefully.

The Younases, the family that has been keeping me safe and comfortable.


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