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Tokyo: Taiyo Marche & Teikei

Sunday morning, I woke up early to meet Dr. Masashi Tachiwaka at a farmers’ market. Taiyo Marche, or ‘Market of the Sun’ is regarded as Tokyo’s largest farmers’ market. It hosts about 100 producers of fresh foods, prepared foods, crafts, and other goods every other weekend. Dr. Tachiwaka, a sociologist from Nagoya University who specializes… Read more »

What’s in a Name? Redemption.

So far my days have blended together like the colors I mix to paint with: wake up, paint while listening to music, cook, paint again, and when my recommended hours are over (or I’m just too tired to continue) I watch TV. I did a check in today with my adviser, which went well, and… Read more »

Commence Phase Two

Tomorrow is the big day…the day we’ve all been waiting for…the day we split the sediment core! If you’ve read your way through my blog, you’ll know that right now, the core looks like this: The core was sampled from the bottom of Little Sugarloaf Lake in the summer of 2015, and ever since it… Read more »


The effect of disparity is a bit funny. The advantaged ones get complacent while the disadvantaged get comfortable in their complacency. And then you have people like us in the middle who struggle to make sense of it. Lahore, just like any other city (looking at you, Chicago), holds families who live very different experiences…. Read more »


I’m Kimani, and my Undergraduate Research Project is based on synesthesia, a neurological condition in which some of the five senses are “cross-wired” in the brain, causing people to experience things like “tasting shapes” or “hearing color.” For my eight weeks, I’ll be painting what a synesthetic person experiences. This will be in order to… Read more »

Week Four!

Happy belated fourth of July! The lab was closed on Monday and Tuesday for the holiday, so I had a nice long weekend. The highlight was going to see fireworks- twice! On Monday night, I sat in my backyard in Deerfield with my family and some friends from high school to watch the fireworks go… Read more »


This morning started off with an assurance that I’ll be making friends quickly in Tokyo: my (accidentally) extra loud alarm went off at 7 a.m. in my first many-bed hostel room of the trip! Despite that I just arrived in Tokyo 12 hours earlier, however, and the fact that I jumped ahead 7 hours from… Read more »

A little rest for the wicked

  I’m spending this week out in Washington state, taking a break from the lab to visit my dad and his family over the 4th. It’s always rejuvenating to get out and breathe some fresh air—I spend so much time thinking about the environment and earth processes, but I too rarely make the time to… Read more »