Getting Started In Lab

Hi everyone – I’m approximately halfway through the research I’ve been conducting this summer; here are updates from the beginning of my time in the Grabowecky Lab!

I started lab early June; because this was my first time doing research in the specific field of neuro-psychology, I began by lengthening the original review of literature I wrote to apply for the summer URG grant, to ultimately understand the mechanisms and nuances of EEG machinery, data, inputs, and outputs.

In short, basic principals of multi sensory interactions and event related potentials (EVPs) were learned. The below conclusions were made, which subsequently guided my summer research question:

  • interactions are subject to spatial constraints – responses are greater when stimuli are in the same location across modalities
  • – interactions are subject to temporal constraints that means that responses are greater when stimuli occur in close temporal activity
  • – multi sensory interactions abide by the principle of inverse effectiveness such that response enhancement is greater when one modality provides little information alone.