Week 10!

Hi everyone,

I am excited to report on my second to last week of research this summer! This will be my last blog post, as next week I will be doing almost exactly the same thing I have been working on this week 🙂

Last week, I was on vacation at Lake of the Ozarks with my family. We spent the week boating around the lake, and I even went tubing a few times. I also did some jetskiing, which requires a lot of muscle coordination and left me a little sore! After the week at the lake, my cousin Alina from California came to stay a few days with me in Chicago. Below and to the right are some pictures of our time together!


The final day of our vacation was spent in Rocheport, Missouri waiting for the eclipse! When I was in middle school, I was very interested in astronomy. We brought my telescope and solar filter so that we could observe the eclipse not only through our filtered glasses, but close up through the telescope. Here’s a picture of me tracking the eclipse through my telescope as well as a chromatically aberrated close-up of the eclipse taken through my telescope.


When I returned to work on Tuesday, it was time to start on my interview analysis! With my transcripts finished, I had to set up an account with Dedoose, a user-friendly qualitative analysis software. I had to reformat all of the transcripts for upload, and was then able to import the codebook I wrote before going on vacation. The codebook lists the codes and definitions that I will use to parse out the responses to the questions I asked. By looking at corresponding codes from different interviews, I will be able to get a more thorough understanding of our data.

I also found a big mistake from earlier this month. I forgot to download one of my recordings and accidentally deleted it from the recorder! I have been working with Feinberg IT to get some recovery software, but it looks like unfortunately I may be one interview short. At first I felt really embarrassed about making such a simple mistake, but then I reflected about how human these types of errors are. Dr. Phillips was very understanding when I brought it up with her, so we have been working on recovering the file.

Next week, I will begin coding my interviews and then turn in a paper summarizing my findings to the Undergraduate Research Office of my interview and survey findings. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to conduct this research. This project has had such great personal meaning to me because I have been so trusted by the women in my study. I aspire that the results of this research will be useful to Dr. Phillips or another researcher in designing an exercise program for breast cancer chemotherapy patients and that we are able to support them in this difficult time in their life.

Thank you to Dr. Phillips for mentoring me with this project, Dr. Whitney Welch and Monica Hsu for the guidance and help, and my coworkers at the Exercise and Health Lab for their support throughout this process.