Au Concert on va! (To the Concert we go)

Oh man,

Strap yourself in for this.

Where do I begin in trying to catch you up on the past couple of days?

Okay, so there’s this music festival in Rabat called Mawazine. The entire city practically goes. There does happen to be a boycott happening for Mawazine because of the rising cost of living in Morocco, but apparently the concert is still really busy this year.

I heard that The Weeknd was playing yesterday, and so I bought a ticket to go see them. However, I must have eaten something bad because right when I got to the concert grounds, I felt really sick and started throwing up.

And there were no trash cans around so I had to pick a tree and try not to be too embarassed. My friends from Addictest were really amazing though. They helped me out, put me in a cab, and sent me home.

I’m safe and whole again, just a little worse for wear.