Before I Got Sick…Again: Oliveri’s and Tajine

So, before I got sick I drafted this post to document my first evening in Casablanca. I can happily tell you that I’m sitting in my host family’s home feeling much better. The medicine the hospital gave me is working really well. So below, you can find what happened my first night of Rabat.

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Okay, no lie, I think I just had the best ice cream of my life.

It’s called Oliveri’s, and we drove for twenty minutes to get there (and we were still in Casablanca. This city is huge) and the ice cream shop was so cute, decorated like the inside of a gift box. It had a line just out the door and when we got inside, our host brother, Abdou, explained all 20 flavors to us. We got 2 scoops of different flavors and they came with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.

Moroccans eat dinner super late, like 8:30 and beyond, so we went for ice cream before going back to Abdou’s home for dinner.

We walked around the neighborhood around Oliveri’s, and Jes had to go to the bathroom. We found a Starbucks and in response to Jes’ question of whether or not she would be able to use their bathroom, Abdou said, “Just start speaking English. Be an American and they’ll let you use the bathroom.”

As we were driving back, for some reason we had a discussion about pineapple pizza, and it led to a discussion about fruit on pizza in general. Which led to a friendly disagreement about whether or not you could have strawberries on pizza and make it work.

Abdou’s sister made tajine for us with lemon, potatoes and chicken. It was better than what we ate today at the restaurant, in my opinion. The chicken was really tender and delicious. We cleared the plate.


That’s the end of the post I wrote. For the record, I don’t think the food made me sick. The doctor said that I’m not used to the microbes in Morocco, and it’s what’s making me sick.

Any advice for a traveler? I tried taking Immodium the first time my stomach got upset here in Morocco.