I’m Tired

Quick Rundown of Events Today:

Class in the Morning, then lunch, then our planned activity was to go to the Old Medina, but we were tired. We decided to rest instead.

So I went to get my nails done (it’s only $20 to get your nails done with gel polish here. Crazy. It’s 30 or $40 back home) and then I came home and finished my laundry.

It’s common for people to use clotheslines to dry their things here, so that’s what I did. The clotheslines are on the roof, and the view is beautiful. While I took down my clothes, the breeze blew in from the direction of the ocean and I took in all of Salé and Rabat. The sun was setting, and I could hear boys in the next lot over playing football.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and I don’t think I’ll get enough sleep tonight. My host brother is being kinda grumpy. By grumpy, I mean that he’s being a normal, mildly annoying eleven year old.

Yesterday he tried to teach me some grammar. It was really cute how he took charge and made sure I did a bunch of work. It’s weird to think that in just a couple of weeks I’ll be with another host family. I still have to decide if I want that. Part of me says yes, I do. It will be a new experience, a new place, maybe more convenient for me. The other part of me says no in favor of strengthening the bonds and rapport that I have here.

I think I will end up changing anyway, though. Just for the sake of something different.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of things, though. The routine is making more sense. When I first got here, there was so much excitement, so much to do and see. Even for Rabat, it was one of the busiest times of the year. Now that things are calmer, I’m trying to get that peace into my system, too. I’m honestly just glad to be feeling better.