From Skaramagas Refugee Camp:

Today’s my last day in Athens. I’m downright sad that I have to leave this place so soon, but I can easily say that I will be back sometime in the near future. No questions asked. As cliché as it sounds, there are not words to fully sum up my experience with El Sistema Greece. This organization is filled with incredible people doing incredible things.

Tonight, I depart for Kenya where I will spend the next 23 days. Tying loose ends on research notes and saying farewells to new friends has called for some late nights and early mornings—so it’s needless to say that I’m running on very little sleep.


It’s 7:15am. I’m in Doha. I’ve slept precisely 3.5 of the last 48 hours. For more profound thoughts regarding my time with El Sistema Greece, be on the lookout for my next World Ensemble article!

Pedagogy students from the Paris Conservatoire teaching a French song to the students of Skaramagas


Thankful for…

  1. 1. Ms. Pitman—in the 8th grade, I memorized the Greek alphabet to woo my Latin teacher–Ms. Pitman’s–boyfriend. While it obviously didn’t work, I can now somewhat make out Greek street signs, grocery store packaging, and bus stop names.
  2. 2. Bottled water—don’t get me wrong. I’m so very much opposed to purchasing bottled water in the States. Very much opposed. But after a terrible encounter with tap water earlier this week, I’ll be drinking bottled water until I return in September.
  3. 3. My health—was feeling pretty ill earlier this week. I had to miss Monday’s programming with ESG, only making me feel worse. However, I’ve gained back both strength and energy, and I’m looking forward to a happy and (hopefully) healthy rest of my trip!