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From an English Pub in a Filipino shopping mall:

Disclaimer: ‘Twas supposed to post this exactly week ago, but I didn’t. Oh well. Happy reading. Just trying to keep things interesting here. Exactly two months in, folks! It’s day three in the Philippines—and I’m in love. I’ve stuck with the mindset of “no expectations” throughout this trip. It’s prevented me losing morale when things… Read more »

From a corner booth at Kenyan coffee shop:

I’m officially one month into my travels—coined by many of classmates as “Hannah’s World Coffeeshop Tour”. While they’re not entirely wrong, I’ll have you all know that I’ve only been consuming about 20% of my normal caffeine intake. Small victories. My plane landed in Kenya four days ago, and I cried. I’ve prided myself in… Read more »

From Skaramagas Refugee Camp:

Today’s my last day in Athens. I’m downright sad that I have to leave this place so soon, but I can easily say that I will be back sometime in the near future. No questions asked. As cliché as it sounds, there are not words to fully sum up my experience with El Sistema Greece…. Read more »

From the balcony of my Greek Airbnb:

Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Sweltering heat, mosquitos galore, and blistered feet—but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This past week in Greece has been quite the adventure. Honestly, it’s been the exact same kind of adventure I’d hoped for ten months ago when I began applying for this grant. One full of sweat, sunburned skin… Read more »

From baggage claim at Athens International Airport:

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way that she can be writing this blog post from baggage claim. She’s making all of these locations up!” False. Downloading the Google Docs app to my iPhone has changed the game. Anyway, I’ve been standing here for thirty-two minutes, so I figured I’d exert my energy into… Read more »

From a hellish hostel in Liverpool:

Imagine this: it’s 3:30am on a Monday morning. You’ve been lying in bed for five hours, but still haven’t managed to fall asleep. Why, you ask? Because your fifth-floor hostel room’s thermostat reads “30 C”, and the pub directly below your window has been blaring music since the late afternoon. Ever heard the dance remix… Read more »

From a Norbucks booth mid-spring quarter:

It’s the end of April, but the windchill here in Evanston today still hasn’t managed to creep past a balmy 40 degrees. I’m in the midst of midterms, teaching practicums, the Waa-Mu show, and countless meetings that are all beginning to weigh me down. While burdened with the spring quarter struggle–that every Northwestern student knows… Read more »