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We approach the end

Lankey, my host program, gave me the opportunity to do a week-long internship where I teach students about the SAT. I decided to take it. While I’m here in Morocco practicing and studying French, I wanted to give back to the community I’m a part of. Plus, while I’m here I can speak French as… Read more »

So How is the French Going?

I’ve intentionally made this blog much more about my experiences in Morocco than exactly about my experiences here learning French, but that’s because language progress is slow. Plus, as riveting as it might be on my end to practice my conjugations and learn new grammar, I thought it probably wouldn’t make for a riveting read…. Read more »

Today I go to Marrakech. And then the Sahara

This post will be short, but I’m on my way to the desert! I will return to my French classes in a week, but right now I’m on my way to Marrakech. It’s the city I’ve heard the most about since I’ve come here. But honestly I’m more excited for the desert. I have never… Read more »

I went clubbing. I took an L.

A ton happened last week. Okay, to catch everyone up: I went on a trip to Chefchaouen last weekend. On Wednesday, I changed my host families, and then just last night was the clubbing experience. This post is about the clubbing experience. I’m going to make another post later on about the Blue City and… Read more »

Rabat: A Capital in Repose

Rabat grows more beautiful to me by the day. Maybe I’m just sentimental, but the lush palms are open to the sun and line every major boulevard. The manicured lawns are a healthy green. My logical side says that it’s because there’s tons of embassies around and just about everything important is a government building…. Read more »