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Sarah Rose Graber’s 2004 Circumnavigator’s Blog

September 13, 2004: Miami, Florida, USA I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I have travelled completely around the world! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! I learned more on this trip than I ever could have learned in years and years of school. The theatre organizations, educational programs, companies, schools, universities, museums, outreach programs and performances I experienced have provided… Read more »

Susannah Cunningham’s 2005 Circumnavigator’s Blog

November 17, 2005 Now in Monterrey Mexico, researching with one of the two major labour unions in Mexico, CROC Confederación Revolutionaria de Obreros y Campesinos). I attended their annual national conference as a “special guest” and it is among one of my top bizarre educational moments on this trip. I hadn’t recognized the acronyms beforehand,… Read more »

Chris Ahern’s 2007 Circumnavigator’s Trip Blog

Welcome to the website for the Circumnavigator Foundation’s Travel Around the World Study Grant Scholar, Northwestern University senior Christopher Ahern. Chris beginning his journey at O’Hare Airport on Friday, June 15th – – just after 5:30 AM. See below for dispatches from Chris as he undertakes his research project. *Photos* See the latest photos from… Read more »

Harris Sockel’s Circumnavigator’s Blog 2008

Week 1 June 16-18, 2008 Chicago à Philadelphia à London à Paris In This Week: US Airways Madness and Serendipity Un congrès de poètes Mary Kinzie’s International Renown “If The Universe Is Shaped Like a Fractal…tal…tal…” and much much more… Paris 11:00PM June 18th Well, I am going around the WORLD!!  Always going forwards, never… Read more »

Super hero help getting started in research!

A few years ago, I created a series of workshops designed to help students unfamiliar with the research process to learn how to get started.  The workshops were a “big” success – we had a couple dozen students.  However, it made me aware of how many weren’t there, including those who wanted to attend but… Read more »

Where It All Began

Our last full day in Italy was a really unique one.  On the last trip to see my dad before he died, he told me of the tiny town in Italy where the Civetta’s had immigrated from in the late 1880s.  We immediately pulled it up on my phone (complete with 360 degree camera view),… Read more »

All About That Vespa!

So, ever since the kids got scooter rides in Florence, they have been looking for more.  Eli even got on my computer to look up places to rent them in Puglia, so today that was our adventure.  We swung by the house and got Wayne, Tom, and Wendy to join us, and we drove on… Read more »

New Fun and New Friends

Ah, the relaxing beach life.  I did some snorkeling today, although the surf got a bit rough for me and I needed a rescue! I made a new friend at the beach.  It is nice to meet someone closer to my size! Later, it got a little wacky when we met up at the party… Read more »

Life in Puglia

We got a really late start to our day (after such a long travel experience).  Nancy and Nik went to a local market and brought home a wonderful ton of fruits and pastries for breakfast, and we had a lovely breakfast at our villa. Next, we headed over to the Fleabag/Nightmare villa, and we all headed… Read more »