The Purple Stammtisch

“Owning your mistakes is the way to go and to let go!” - Hatim Rachdi A communication sophomore from Morocco, Hatim is a foodie procrastinator, whose desk lights sleep at 4AM (#BEaNightOwlorDie). He grew up in Taliouine, a small village in the south of Morocco. He was an active advocate in the National Child Parliament and made their smile his cause. Hatim is very energetic and always up for a healthy debate. Before coming to NU-Q, he was a Mathematics student and he is still passionate about the challenging nature of science and channels it into creative projects. He is also an active social entrepreneur and loves entrepreneurship in service of social causes. He is the CMO of Ag Automation, a prizewinning tech agriculture startup in the Arab Innovation Academy. He also loves acting, and the feeling of being a part of a cast, sharing wonderful moments with them. It makes him feel happy He loves the ability to play multiple roles and excel at every one of them in different languages. He is a language Nerd.

New start!

In German, Stammtisch means table so as does this blog. It is going to take you through my adventures in Berlin. The blog will cover my day to day life learning German as well as my trips to the museums and historic sites. TPS is a place to get to know me throughout a Deutch lense. Dont worry, you will also get a glimpse of the fun I am having here in Berlin!