Hello my name is Jessica and I am a rising Junior in WCAS. In Spanish the word cesáreas, means cesarean sections. Similarly to other Latin American countries, the rate of unnecessary cesarean sections in Argentina sits well above the World Health Organization’s recommended rate. Despite the large amount of evidence that suggests the hazards of cesareans, these rates only continue to rise. This summer I will be spending eight weeks conducting anthropology research in Buenos Aires, Argentina in an attempt to better understand this issue. To do this, I will be speaking with doctors, mothers, and doulas and gauge their opinions and perspectives about the appeal, drawbacks, and consequences of medically unnecessary c-sections. I will use this blog to discuss my research’s progress and pitfalls, as well as to share bits of my daily life while abroad. Stay posted for regular updates! Jessica is funded by the Summer Undergraduate Research Grant program run by Northwestern’s Office of Undergraduate Research, which also sponsors these blogs.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my summer blog where I will be cataloging my research adventures in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This summer, I will be spending eight weeks conducting anthropology research and analyzing the prevalence of medically unnecessary cesarean sections in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can’t wait to get started, but right now I am currently busying myself by finishing off the quarter and planning trip logistics. It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks I will be halfway across the globe! More updates to come.