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Every end has a beginning. Every beginning has an end. We often associate endings in life with great pain and heartbreak, but sometimes it’s the moments that are neither ending nor beginning that are the most agonizing. For the past few months, I’ve meandered along a familiar path. Even when the road became rocky and… Read more »

“Never Waste Your Grief”

A voice message from my sister on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 05:30:15 PM. “Hi. Lydia? [pause] It’s me. I think you should know … that an hour ago a policeman came to Joseph’s house … and asked him to go to Cayuga Medical to identify a dead body. [pause, heavy breathing] Which they think… Read more »

Dreaming Within Reach

When I was little, I had this theory that “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” It mostly applied to the monsters living underneath my bed, the murderers and robbers that might walk into the room, and the scary shadows of ghostly kings that the curtains left on the walls – but I… Read more »

The Meaning of Life

On my first morning in Kigali this summer, I woke up to Jason Derulo singing “Whatcha Say.” I had one of those surreal moments where I panicked, forgot where I was, remembered I was in Rwanda, and then promptly wondered whether I was sure it wasn’t a dream because Derulo was definitely playing outside my… Read more »

A Tale of Two Cities

What is it about Rwanda that makes even ten days so intoxicating? During the summer, I learned so much about life, about teaching, and about myself. I learned to breathe. I remembered how to stroll. I realized how vibrant and satiating life could be and I started to absorb that energy and vitality. I did… Read more »

L’amour n’existe pas

I’ve met so many fascinating people and heard so many powerful stories during my stay here. I want to share some of them with you, not only so you can share my experiences but also so as to give voice to stories that may never be heard again otherwise. Claire I met Claire at a… Read more »

Dear Readers…

As my final days in Rwanda wind down, I’ve been feeling a growing frenzy and desperation to document and write about the experiences I haven’t yet discussed. It isn’t just the end of my trip that is starting to sink in, it’s also the growing realization that the end of my stay in Rwanda will… Read more »