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First day at the Learning Centre

  Kagame is EVERYWHERE! A view of Kigali My first full day in Kigali: I wake up late, completely jet-lagged and tangled in my mosquito net Run to the “shower” which is really a(n unpredictable) trickle of lukewarm water from a rusty faucet head. No curtain. Seriously consider chopping off all my hair to save… Read more »

MURAHO from Kigali!

First plane to Rome I am FINALLY in Kigali 🙂 🙂 Just getting here has been such an adventure and I met so many wonderful people on the way! Sitting next to me from Washington Dulles to Addis Ababa was the sweetest Ethiopian lady who encouraged me to stay in Ethiopia with her. Most interesting… Read more »

Turn that frown upside down!

After two missed flights/connections, hours on hold waiting for my travel agency to rebook a flight, an overnight stay at Lansdowne Resort in D.C., and an hour waiting for Ethiopian Airlines to relocate my luggage – I am finally sitting at Gate D23, where I am supposed to be, getting ready to board Flight 503 to… Read more »


“Ms. Lydia, David won’t leave me alone and he drew on my paper! Will you tell him to shut up?” “Ms. Lydia, can I use the bathroom?” “Ms. Lydia! Ms. Lydia! Cynnie’s on facebook and she’s texts and webcams all the time. You said I couldn’t do that, why can she?” While I tell David… Read more »

Preview: Living Accommodations

  MURAHO! (Hello! in Kinyarwanda) I’m still in Evanston, but I finally figured out my living accommodations for the next two months! For 400 USD a month, I get a room in a house where “everything is included (gardens, a housemaid that comes 3 times per week, internet, washing machine).” Here are some pictures!

Have books? DONATE!

I dropped by Borders today and discovered a clearance section with $1 classics. The cashier was very amused as I made trips back and forth with armfuls of books to price check. Every time he scanned a book and it showed up as $1, I’d jump up and down and say “Really? Are you serious?”… Read more »

On Education

Many people have asked me, “Why are you teaching English in Rwanda? What makes you think that the Rwandan people need to know English? What qualifications and what right do you have to take what you have learned here to teach students there?” My response to these questions has always come from an educational angle…. Read more »

I’m a Senior(???) and Preparation for Rwanda

As celebrations and farewell parties mark the end of my third year at Northwestern, travel vaccines and hours spent browsing (Kigali’s form of mark the beginning of an exciting upcoming three months that promise to be drastically different from any summer vacation I’ve ever had in my life. For one thing, this summer… Read more »