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From a corner booth at Kenyan coffee shop:

I’m officially one month into my travels—coined by many of classmates as “Hannah’s World Coffeeshop Tour”. While they’re not entirely wrong, I’ll have you all know that I’ve only been consuming about 20% of my normal caffeine intake. Small victories. My plane landed in Kenya four days ago, and I cried. I’ve prided myself in… Read more »

Barking and Broken B*tches

The ancient Greek κῠ́ων​ (kuon), meaning “dog,” serves as a strong image in the cultural and medical depiction of women and their reproductive organs. Coming off of The Wandering Womb post, we have already investigated the animalistic construction of the uterus, which functioned to instill fear in women over their own bodies and create urgency… Read more »

Today I go to Marrakech. And then the Sahara

This post will be short, but I’m on my way to the desert! I will return to my French classes in a week, but right now I’m on my way to Marrakech. It’s the city I’ve heard the most about since I’ve come here. But honestly I’m more excited for the desert. I have never… Read more »

The Wet and Dry Dichotomy

Without surgery or X-ray imaging, bodily fluids became the ancient physician’s primary insight into the body. With this, it’s understandable why the wetness of the body was used as one of the principle physes to differentiate feminine from masculine. Referring to the “One-sex” Model entry, Hippocratic treatises constructed feminine flesh to be of the consistency… Read more »

New start!

In German, Stammtisch means table so as does this blog. It is going to take you through my adventures in Berlin. The blog will cover my day to day life learning German as well as my trips to the museums and historic sites. TPS is a place to get to know me throughout a Deutch lense. Dont worry,… Read more »